Historical Figures

Princess Louise: A Biography

Princess Louise

by Lucinda Hawksley

The Locock Family Secret – Princess Louise

It was while looking into the rumors concerning Princess Louise’s illegitimate baby that I came into contact with the Locock family. I  read newspaper accounts of  two court cases, in … Read the article

Homer Matters: Why?

Why Homer Matters

by Adam Nicolson

Chapter 1

One evening ten years ago I started to read Homer in English. With an old friend, George Fairhurst, I had just sailed from Falmouth to Baltimore in southwest Ireland, 250 miles across the Celtic Sea. … Read the article

Charles Ponzi: What Makes a Con Artist?

Charles Ponzi; My Adventures with your moeny

by T.D. Thornton

When you think of the history of con artists, what images come to mind?

Perhaps it’s the dashing “sharpie in a fedora” stereotype that hearkens to the Roaring Twenties. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of financial ruin with … Read the article

Churchill and His Money: No More Champagne

No More Champagne

by David Lough

An Introduction: Churchill and his Money

This book owes its genesis to a provocative history teacher and to a scandalized grandmother. The first tried to stimulate independent thought in his fourteen-year-old pupils by describing Winston Churchill as … Read the article

New York’s First Black Firefighters


By Ginger Adams Otis

Black Firefighters

It’s no secret that FDNY firefighters are among the best in the world, but here’s a little-known fact about New York’s Bravest: a black woman was among the city’s earliest black firefighters. Her name … Read the article

100 Years of Orson Welles

Orson Welles

AFI president George Stevens Jr., uttered the following words when he introduced Orson Welles on the February 1975 evening that the great director received the AFI’s 3rd Life Achievement Award.

“A Great man never reminds us of others,” Stevens said. … Read the article

Obama and FDR: A Faulty Comparison

Time_Obama New Deal

by Aaron David Miller

With only 43 different presidents, (44 to account for Grover Cleveland’s two non-consecutive terms), there’s a natural tendency to compare and contrast our chief executives. The presidential rating game is alternately fun, silly and even potentially … Read the article