Men on White Horses

by Susan Ronald

There’s a chapter in my new book, Hitler’s Aristocrats, titled “Men on White Horses” which I feared might be cut by my commissioning editor. Why? Well, strictly speaking, these men were not fascists in the meaning of … Read the article

To the Shores of Tripoli

by Tom Clavin

When one thinks of America’s early naval heroes, John Paul Jones and Oliver Hazard Perry usually come to mind. But another was Stephen Decatur, who achieved not just national, but international fame for his actions in 1804. … Read the article

Flying Into Hell

During WWII, Frank Murphy flew twenty-one daylight combat missions with the Mighty Eighth. The odds of returning safely were three to one against. Below is an excerpt from his memoir, Luck of the Draw, in which Frank recounts the harrowing … Read the article

Africatown and the Last Slave Ship

by Nick Tabor

Nick Tabor’s Africatown charts the fraught history of America from those who were brought here as slaves but nevertheless established a home for themselves and their descendants, a community which often thrived despite persistent racism and environmental … Read the article

A Connecticut Yankee In Texas

by Tom Clavin

This year is the bicentennial of the Texas Rangers, who played a significant role in the bigger picture of what in the 1800s was viewed as law and order on the frontier. The initial Rangers “call to … Read the article