U. S. History

Brooklyn Bends

by Tom Clavin

In January 1869, construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge. Obviously, work got underway in wintry conditions, but that was just the first of many challenges. That the bridge was built at all was remarkable, and credit goes … Read the article

The Room Where It Happened

by Laura Dail

In the summer of 1971, the Special Investigative Unit, or SIU that would come to be known as “the Plumbers” was urgently taking shape. David Young, one of Henry Kissinger’s aides, who would co-direct the unit along … Read the article

Thomas Jefferson on Slavery and Abolition

by Kevin R. C. Gutzman

The Jeffersonians chronicles the lives, policy initiatives, and critical decisions of three visionary Virginian presidents—Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. In the following excerpt, author Kevin R. C. Gutzman discusses Thomas Jefferson’s views on slavery and the … Read the article

FDR and American Politics During WWII

by Peter Shinkle

Amid all the momentous battles and horrific tragedies of World War II, American political events in that era are often overlooked. However, during the war years, the American political system experienced its own violent earthquake far away … Read the article

War and Peace

by Tom Clavin

78 years ago Joe Moser was shot down during his 44th mission. Joe is the main character in my most recent solo book, Lightning Down: A World War II Story of Survival. It was published in hardcover … Read the article

The Last of His Tribe

by Tom Clavin

August 29th is the anniversary of the discovery of Ishi. No, this is not an island or one of Jupiter’s moons. At the time when Ishi was found, on August 29, 1911, he was touted as the … Read the article

The Shootist

by Tom Clavin

Annie Oakley is one of those Wild West figures whose name is familiar to many people but they don’t know much about her. In honor of the anniversary of her birthday on August 13, let’s find out … Read the article