Cultural History

Johann Strauss: By Royal Appointment

Johann Strauss I

by John Suchet

Johann Strauss Journeys to the United Kingdom

Between that first concert on 17 April 1838 and the end of July, Johann Strauss and his orchestra gave a total of seventy-nine performances in London alone, and the list … Read the article

Who Killed the Racehorse Sunny Man?

Sunbriar Sunny Man

by Eliza McGraw

The Sunny Man Mystery

In May of 1925, a strong, beautiful racehorse named Sunny Man died in agony, thrashing in his stall, his lips turning blue. His death horrified horsemen, who were equally concerned with the idea … Read the article

Ron Darling: Game 7, 1986

Ron Darling Game 7

by Ron Darling with Daniel Paisner

Game 7, 1986: Be careful what you wish for

This book is not like other sports books. Certainly, it’s not like other books by former ballplayers. Athletes seem to want to write about the … Read the article

Bill Veeck and the Chicago White Sox

Bill Veeck and the Chicago White Sox

by Dan Epstein

Excerpt From Chapter 1:  Let’s Do It Again (Bill Veeck)

Bill Veeck buys the Chicago White Sox. Over 29.7 million fans bought tickets to major league ballgames in 1975, the third-highest attendance figure in history, and the … Read the article

Hemingway and La Feria de San Fermín

by A.E. Hotchner

In the spring of 1948, I was dispatched to Havana on the ridiculous mission of asking Ernest Hemingway to write an article on “The Future of Literature.” I was with Cosmopolitan, then a literary magazine, before its … Read the article