Cultural History

The 18th-Century Politics of Santa Claus in America

by Judith Flanders

Instead of deriving from folklore, or quaint colonial customs, or religion, the American emergence of Santa Claus was rooted in late-eighteenth-century politics, in the formation of clubs and societies based around ethnic or cultural groups, which came … Read the article

Horsing Around with William Shatner

by William Shatner, with Jeff Rovin

I have to tell you a story that has very little to do with horses, but has more to do with something one horse brought into my life. It’s among my most treasured memories … Read the article

Best Arnold Palmer Quotes of All Time

Arnold Palmer quotes

The best Arnold Palmer quotes originated from the player’s incredible social impact on golf, perhaps unrivaled among fellow professionals. His humble background and plain-spoken popularity helped change the perception of golf as an elite sport. Moving from upper-class pastime to … Read the article

A History of Brushing our Teeth

Otzi; Teeth

by Greg Jenner

Brushing our teeth at 11.45 p.m.

Dragging our leaden feet up the staircase, we look longingly at our bedroom door. But, before we can clamber gratefully under the duvet, a nagging voice in the back of our … Read the article