Military History

The Naval “Nugget”

by P. T. Deutermann

In his latest novel, The Nugget, author P. T. Deutermann—himself a former Navy commander—tells the tale of a novice naval aviator who grows into a hero in a gripping World War II adventure. Keep reading for … Read the article

D-Day: The Utah Beach Landings

Utah Beach Landings

by Giles Milton

Who was Leonard Schroeder? And how did he write himself into the history books on D-Day? Turns out he was destined to play a crucial role in the first wave of Allied landings on Utah Beach.

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D-Day and the Battle for Merville

Merville Battery Memorial

by Giles Milton

Who was Terence Otway? And why was he chosen to capture one of the biggest German bunkers in the early hours of D-Day? Turns out that he was one of the most extraordinary Allied commanders to fight … Read the article