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The Ghosts of Dresden

by Sinclair McKay Sinclair McKay, author of The Fire and the Darkness, discusses one of the most devastating bombing campaigns of WWII and the lingering effects it has had on the city of Dresden.

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Jet Girl: “No Time to Worry”

by Caroline Johnson Caroline Johnson discusses the adrenaline-filled world of flying as she prepares to intercept an Iranian airplane in the latest excerpt from Jet Girl.

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Chanel’s Riviera: Fun, Games and the Beginning of Terror

By Anne De Courcy Chanel’s Riviera by Anne de Courcy explores the fascinating world of the Cote d’Azur during a period that saw the deepest extremes of luxury and terror in the twentieth century. Read on for an exclusive excerpt.

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The Founding Fortunes: Pledging Lives and Fortunes

by Tom Shachtman In The Founding Fortunes, historian Tom Shachtman reveals the ways in which a dozen notable Revolutionaries deeply affected the finances and birth of the new country while making and losing their fortunes. Check out an exclusive excerpt here.

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The First World War: “Most Peculiar Christmas I’ve Ever Spent”

by Sir Martin Gilbert Christmas Day, 1914. German and British troops have been fighting tirelessly for 5 months in one of the bloodiest wars in human history. Suddenly, an unfamiliar sound breaks the tension. A German song, followed by another.

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