Military History

A Coup D’état, American Style

by Suzanne Mettler and Robert C. Lieberman

In the following excerpt from their book Four Threats, Suzanne Mettler and Robert C. Lieberman discuss the violent rise of Southern Democrats in post-Civil War Wilmington, North Carolina that turned back decades of … Read the article

Hitler’s Jewish Army

by Ellen Feldman

While conducting research for her novel, author Ellen Feldman stumbled upon one of the most remarkable anomalies in WWII history: Jewish soldiers in Hitler’s army. Read on for more about Feldman’s research and how it influenced her … Read the article

The Hooligan Navy of WWII

by P. T. Deutermann

P. T. Deutermann, former Navy Commodore and author of The Hooligans, discusses the non-regulation and wholly unorthodox ‘Hooligan’ Navy of WWII. … Read the article

D-Day: Bagpipes and Snipers

by Giles Milton

Who was Shimi Lovat? And how did a flamboyant Scottish aristocrat come to be head of the British commandos? Turns out that patrician charm goes a long way when it comes to leading an attack on the … Read the article

D-Day: The German Opposition

by Giles Milton

Who was Hermann von Oppeln-Bronikowski? And why was he so important to the Germans on D-Day? Turns out, he was the only enemy commander capable of defeating the Allied forces on June 6, 1944.… Read the article