A Hero of the Revolution

by Tom Clavin

Previously, I discussed Simon Kenton, friend to Daniel Boone and fellow legendary frontiersman. Today, it’s the turn of Daniel Morgan, another one of the colorful, larger-than-life characters to be found in Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone … Read the article

Saving Daniel Boone

by Tom Clavin

One of the more important figures in the Revolutionary War was Simon Kenton. What, you’ve never heard of him? He happens to be one of the especially intriguing characters in Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight … Read the article

Taking It to the Streets

by Tom Clavin

March 5th is the anniversary of what became known as the “Boston Massacre.” While that title is familiar to many Americans, the event may not have gotten its due over the years, perhaps because there was a … Read the article

The Social History of Heiresses

by Laura Thompson

I came to Heiresses by accident, during the course of researching another book. As I scanned letters and diaries by the usual suspects—Nancy Mitford, Cecil Beaton, James Lees-Milne—in search of information, I found myself intrigued by certain … Read the article

The Burning Bus

by Charles Person

Captivating, yellow flame sought escape through broken windows of the Greyhound bus five miles outside of Anniston, Alabama. Billowing columns of bulbous black smoke heaved heavenward. My friends were on that bus. A segregationist mob trapped my … Read the article

Unknown History: The Strangling of Berlin

We teamed up with the Unknown History podcast on Quick and Dirty Tips to bring you their latest series based on Giles Milton’s Checkmate in Berlin. Episode 9 discusses the Soviet siege of Berlin, which started with a series of rather smaller … Read the article