Hitler’s Jewish Army

by Ellen Feldman

While conducting research for her novel, author Ellen Feldman stumbled upon one of the most remarkable anomalies in WWII history: Jewish soldiers in Hitler’s army. Read on for more about Feldman’s research and how it influenced her … Read the article

Annie Smith Peck’s Revolutionary Climb

Annie Smith Peck

by Hannah Kimberley

I first came across Annie Smith Peck on a black-and-white poster from an antiques shop in 2007. The image displayed a woman wearing a long tunic sweater, canvas knickerbockers, and leather boots. She sported a hat fastened … Read the article

When in Paris, Follow the Breadcrumbs

by Alex Landragin

It was a cool, grey spring day in Paris. I was standing in the Montparnasse Cemetery in front of the grave of the Romantic poet Charles Baudelaire, still a shrine to his many fans, who leave offerings … Read the article

Murder is My Hobby

by Allison Montclair

I write books in which people are murdered, then others use their assorted talents to find the killers. We who participate in this genre are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in forensic science, not … Read the article

The Hooligan Navy of WWII

by P. T. Deutermann

P. T. Deutermann, former Navy Commodore and author of The Hooligans, discusses the non-regulation and wholly unorthodox ‘Hooligan’ Navy of WWII.

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D-Day: Bagpipes and Snipers

by Giles Milton

Who was Shimi Lovat? And how did a flamboyant Scottish aristocrat come to be head of the British commandos? Turns out that patrician charm goes a long way when it comes to leading an attack on the … Read the article

The Unexplored Life of George Washington, Entrepreneur

by John Berlau

John Berlau’s biography presents a fresh take on George Washington’s pursuits as a private citizen after his life as America’s most renowned general, covering his many innovations across several industries. The following excerpt discusses Washington’s initial interest … Read the article