Three Early Transplant Pioneers

by Paul Craddock

Thanks to dazzling advances in xenotransplantation and stem cell research, transplant surgery appears to be going through a new Renaissance. But where did transplants come from? We tend to put them into the same category as the … Read the article

Crazy Horse and Custer

by Tom Clavin

June 25th marks the anniversary of the Little Bighorn battle that resulted in the death of George Armstrong Custer and much of his 7th Cavalry command. The reason why this resonates with me—other than, of course, being … Read the article

The War Had to Wait for Watie

by Tom Clavin

Almost all history textbooks and most other sources tell us that the first week of June is the real anniversary of the end of the Civil War. When General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. … Read the article

9 Picks for the History-Loving Dad

by The History Reader

As Father’s Day once again approaches, we’ve rounded up nine books sure to please any history-loving dad. Ranging from detailed accounts from the battlefields of WWII and the more recent history of the global war on … Read the article

A Bloody Scoundrel

by Tom Clavin

 As so often happens, recently I was researching one thing and found another—in this case, a reputed pirate’s real story. In 1671, a man known to history as “Captain Blood” tried to steal the crown jewels of … Read the article

The Anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall

by Ann Cleeves

This year marks the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall. According to a history written many years later, Emperor Hadrian visited Britain, one of the most far-flung regions of the Empire, in 122 AD. He decided he needed … Read the article