Historical Figures

Napoleon: Son of the Revolution


By Alan Forrest


Napoleon’s rise owed everything to the French Revolution, to its ideals of liberty and equality, the meritocracy that lay at its roots, and the huge institutional changes that it wrought. Without the events of 1789, France would … Read the article

Kurt Vonnegut and the Dresden Bombings

By Charles J. Shields

The winter weather in Dresden lifted abruptly on Shrove Tuesday, February 13, 1945, ushering in a hint of spring. On this last day before the beginning of Lent, small children begged to be allowed to wear … Read the article

Patton: The Warrior, The Myth and the Legacy

By Alan Axelrod

On September 28, 1945, Eisenhower summoned Patton to his headquarters in the IG Farben Building in Frankfurt. After a heated exchange among Patton, Eisenhower, and Bedell Smith, Eisenhower quietly, even gently, made what he carefully termed a … Read the article

The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson

By Callie Oettinger

Dodger President and general manager Branch Rickey needed:

A man of principle. A moral man… I had to get a man who could carry the burden on the field. I needed a man to carry the badge … Read the article

George Armstrong Custer in Pictures

George Armstrong Custer

By Callie Oettinger


CALLIE OETTINGER  was Command Posts’ first managing editor. Her interest in military history, policy and fiction took root when she was a kid, traveling and living the life of an Army Brat, and continues today.

 … Read the article