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Varian Fry: The Artist’s Oskar Schindler

Varian Fry

by Kate Lord Brown Varian Fry and The House of Dreams The House of Dreams has been maturing for twenty years. A book that took three to finally research and write. It is inspired by the story of Varian Fry,

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Frank Hamer and the Texas Bandit War of 1915


by John Boessenecker Extremely modest and humble, Frank Hamer left behind but scant correspondence and no diaries or journals. Even to his closest friends Frank Hamer rarely spoke of the violent events of his long career. Yet his story is not

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Hiding CIA Operations: The Attack on Khowst


by Douglas Laux Attack on Khowst Forward Operating Base Chapman was located just outside the town of Khowst, in an area controlled by the Taliban, close to the border with Pakistan. Named after Special Forces sergeant Nathan Chapman—the first US

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Crazy Horse vs Custer: The Battle of Rosebud Creek


by Thom Hatch First Blood: Crazy Horse and The Battle of Rosebud Creek Crazy Horse (Tashunka Witco, Tashunca-Uitco, “His horse is crazy”) was born about 1842 on the eastern edge of the Black Hills near the site of present- day

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The Invasion of Sicily 1943

American and British troops landing near Gela, Sicily, July 10, 1943. By U.S. military - Joint Force Quarterly, Matthew G. St. Clair, "Air Support of the Allied Landings in Sicily, Salerno, and Anzio". Image is in the public domain via

by Christian Jennings The Invasion of Sicily By late spring 1943, the Americans and British and their Commonwealth and colonial Allies had won the war in North Africa. The opening of a Second Front in northwest Europe was still a

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