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Tanaghrisson the Soldiers of the American Revolution

tanaghrissonl; Band of Giants

by Jack Kelly Excerpts from Chapters 1 & 2 Silence. Rain spat cold on the napes of forty armed Virginians groping through “a Night as dark as Pitch.” They found the camp of their Indian ally Tanaghrisson and his braves.

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Unity Mitford: When Hitler Took Cocaine

When Hitler Took Cocaine, The History Reader

by Giles Milton In the summer of 2012, a cache of extraordinary medical documents came to light in America. They included the records of Dr Theodor Morell, personal physician to Adolf Hitler, and notes written by four other doctors who

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The Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers: This Divided Island

Tamil Tigers

by Samantha Subramanian In conversations about politics in Sri Lanka, and therefore in conversations about the war and the peace, rumor forms the chief currency. Everybody appears to have their own particular runnels of information, flowing from indistinct sources. Even

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USS Samuel B. Roberts: Bravery and Sacrifice

USS Samuel B. Roberts

by John Wukovits Chapter 1: “YOU ARE NOW A MEMBER OF A GREAT FIGHTING TEAM” The USS Samuel B. Roberts Rarely has a hotel hospitality room held such a collection of unassuming sea warriors as the one that gathered in

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The Battle of New Orleans

Shock Factor

by Jack Coughlin and John R. Bruning Chapter 1 JANUARY 9, 1815 – THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS The Shooter stood tall on the earthen rampart, his rifle at his side. His right hand held its barrel while his right

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