A Passion for Paris: Alexandre Dumas and the Ghosts of Romantic Fiction

Alexander Dumas

by David Downie

Romantic-era novelist Alexandre Dumas may well have created the world’s first fiction factory in Paris in the mid-1800s, a factory populated by ghosts. How many of Dumas’ hundreds of millions of readers realize that the plots and treatments for some of his mega-bestselling novels were written by others, one man in particular, a man sometimes known as the “fourth musketeer?” Read more ›

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Remembering the Stories of the Holocaust

by The History Reader

This year, during the 70th anniversary marking the end of the Holocaust and the beginning of Yom HaShoah—Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day—we remember the stories that shed light on one of the darkest periods in contemporary history.
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Shocking Paris: Soutine, Chagall, and the Outsiders of Paris

Shocking Paris - Street scene in the Jewish quarter of Paris

by Stanley Meisler

The mass migrations of European peoples to this country in the late 19th and 20th centuries have become such clichéd events in American history that we often forget that the United States was not the only refuge for the emigration. Since American immigration was almost completely unrestricted, it made sense for most emigrants to head there. But France and Britain also accepted a limited number. Read more ›

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Circumference: Round, Flat, and Egg-Shaped

Circumference - 9781250068446

by Nicholas Nicastro

On a recent trip to Istanbul, I belatedly discovered a museum that I’d love to have seen before I wrote my book, Circumference: Eratosthenes and Ancient Quest to Measure the Globe. It was the Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, an institution that opened its doors a few months after the text of Circumference was finalized. As the book discussed not only ancient Greek science but its legacy among Muslims, the Museum’s incomparable collection of scale models, drawings, and animations, set in the leafy former grounds of the Sultan’s stables at Topkapı, would have offered a gold mine of information. Read more ›

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Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth

Around the world in 50 years - 9781250051981

by Al Podell

ALBERT PODELL author of AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth is the only American to visit every country on earth and set a record for the longest automobile journey ever made around the world. His inspiring story tell how he survived riots, revolutions, wars, trigger-happy child soldiers, voodoo priests, robbers, corrupt cops, as well as an escape from a crocodile attack. Needless to say he is an incredible adventurer. Read more ›

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