Life of a CIA Polygrapher: Ready Aim…. Part 1

Life of Lies and Spies;

by Alan Trabue

Chapter 1: Ready Aim…. Part 1

The day was supposed to be a routine travel day between CIA offices, a simple one-hour flight from the international airport in a Southeast Asian capital city to another city up-country. It was 1976, and as a CIA covert ops polygraph examiner, I had made hundreds of similar trips in the past without incident. By mid-morning, it had gone terribly wrong. Read more ›

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Putinism: Russia and its Future with the West


by Walter Laqueur

It is common knowledge that relations between America and Russia have deteriorated very much. A debate is now under way in Washington what US policy towards Russia should be. When President Obama was elected he made it known that a “reset” (improvement of relations) was high on his list of priorities. He certainly did try but success escaped him. Why? According to the official Russian version it’s because Washington tried constantly to harm Russia in every possible way. The political elite ruling Russia at present (many of them from the ranks of KGB) had been educated in the belief that America was Russia’s eternal enemy and that American leaders almost without exception were involved day and night in intrigues aiming at the destruction of Russia. Read more ›

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When Britain Burned the White House: Harry and Juana Smith

When Britain Burned The White House; Harry and Juana Smith

by Peter Snow

Many a soldier has had an exciting life. It’s not often that a solider shares the excitement and danger with his wife. But it is true of one redoubtable young officer and his attractive Spanish wife two hundred years ago. Harry Smith was an army Captain in the Napoleonic war between Britain and France. He met his wife in extraordinary circumstances. Juana Maria de los Dolores de Leon was a 14 year old member of a distinguished family from northern Spain living in the town of Badajoz near the Portuguese frontier. Read more ›

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The Evolution of CIA Polygraphy: 1972 to the Present

Christopher Boyce; CIA Polygraphy

by Alan B. Trabue

Writing my memoir, A Life of Lies and Spies: Tales of a CIA Covert Ops Polygraph Interrogator, caused me to reflect on the scope of changes to the polygraph program I encountered during my forty-year CIA career. Starting as a journeyman examiner and later assigned overseas as a covert ops examiner, I eventually became a senior manager. I directed the applicant, industrial, re-investigation, and operational programs. In addition, I was Director of the CIA Polygraph School for six years and an adjunct instructor at another polygraph school for eight years. The breadth of my experience in polygraphy shaped a unique perspective, as I was intimately involved in all aspects of the profession for four decades. Read more ›

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Five Amazing Women of the Revolutionary War

Margaret Evans Parker Corbin 1845 - 1937. Image is in the public domain via Mr. D's Neighborhood

by Jack Kelly

Margaret Corbin

Born on the Pennsylvania frontier, Margaret Cochran was orphaned when her parents were killed during the French and Indian war. The five-year-old was taken in by relatives and knew the pangs of poverty. She married John Corbin in 1772. When he joined the Continental Army to fight the British, Margaret went with him. Many soldiers’ wives followed the army to earn money cooking, mending, washing clothes and nursing the wounded. Read more ›

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