Hanukkah and Christmas: A History of Consequences

The Bibles Cutting Room Floor

by Joel M. Hoffman

History is in large part the story of consequences—both intended and unintended—as is the case for two of this season’s most celebrated holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas.

It is well known that when Alexander the Great conquered his known world in the 4th century BC, he left a permanent mark in the form of cities that bear his name: Alexandria in Egypt, for example, and, 2,000 miles away, Kandahar in Afghanistan. It’s equally well known that, as with many matters of importance during those years, Alexander’s most lasting contribution lies not in what he did but in what he failed to do: He did not plan for own succession.
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Best History Books of 2014 Gift Guide

by The History Reader

The holiday season is upon us as are the end of the year “Best of 2014″ lists! Therefore, we have rounded up a selection of this year’s best history books, and are pleased to present New Releases such as this year’s Goodreads Choice Award for history & biography, The Romanov Sisters, along with recent New York Times bestseller, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. So, whether you hope to settle into your next great book from our newly released hardcovers, or fill up that holiday stocking with some of our hard-hitting paperbacks, we’ve got the perfect read to complete this year’s gift list!
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The Secret Service: A Crisis in Leadership and Mission


by Dan Emmett

In 2011 when I began writing the initial manuscript for Within Arm’s Length the United States Secret Service still possessed its clandestine nature, and was—to many—the most highly respected agency of the United States government.

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The Evolution of the Modern American Sniper


by Chris Martin

The popularized notion of the lone sniper, out in the brush for days with no connection to their commanders until after executing a lethal mission and extracting to report their results, is one increasingly left for the history books.
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Nelson Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend


by Christo Brand

My entire relationship with Nelson Mandela was instinctive. I never worked out or tried to analyse the dynamics of being the prison warder in charge of his daily life for 12 years, and his close friend for many more.

It is only now, looking back, that I see what an inter-dependence there was between us. I held no choice in my young life but to join one of the services – the military, the police or the prison service – because of South Africa’s conscription laws.

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