The Queen’s Bed: Elizabeth I and her Intimate Bedchamber

Queen Elizabeth I

by Anna Whitelock

In The Queen’s Bed: An Intimate History of Elizabeth’s Court, the historian Anna Whitelock offers a revealing look at the Elizabethan court and the politics of intimacy, dramatically reconstructing the Queen’s quarters and the women who patrolled them. With expert research and lively prose, Whitelock weaves a fascinating tale of sex, gossip, conspiracy, and intrigue, brought to life amid the colors, textures, and routines of the court: the untold story of Elizabeth I laid bare. Read more ›

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Two Critical Events in UFO History


by Larry Holcombe

After completing the manuscript for my new book, The Presidents and UFOs: A secret History from FDR to Obama, and turning it over to my publisher, I realized, with much consternation, that I had overlooked including two very important UFO events in my work. I felt that it was important to list all of the major UFO events that occurred during the administrations from FDR to present, and realizing that I had inadvertently omitted two important events was cause for concern and embarrassment. When I realized my error, editing had reached a point not allowing for such a major inclusion into the work. To say the least I was extremely distressed with my oversight.

The two events, the reported crash of a flying saucer near Aztec, New Mexico, in March, 1948, and the RB-47 encounter of July 17,1957 are very important stories concerning presidents and UFOs.

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Finding Jesus: The Remarkable Story of the James Ossuary

The James Ossuary on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. Image is in the public domain via

Our book, which takes six venerated objects connected to Jesus and looks at them through the lenses of theology, history, and science, really began more than a decade ago, in the chilly January of 2003, when we went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto to film the “James Ossuary” for our first CNN Presents documentary, “The Mystery of Jesus”.

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Honoring America’s POW/MIA Wives


by Alvin Townley

Jane Denton knew why the dark sedan had arrived that day in July of 1965. She knew why the navy captain rang her doorbell and why her stomach suddenly knotted: her husband, Jeremiah Denton, had been shot down over North Vietnam. Read more ›

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A Lucky Honor: On Publishing Georg Rauch’s Unlikely Warrior

Unlikely Warrior - 9780374301422

by Wesley Adams

What a privilege to have had the chance to acquire and edit the new Farrar Straus Giroux edition of Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler’s Army, Georg Rauch’s memoir of his harrowing experience as a part-Jewish soldier from Austria sent to the Russian front in 1943. Read more ›

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