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John Humphrey Noyes: Inventing ‘Free Love’

Polly Hayes Noyes; John Humphrey Noyes

Ellen Wayland-Smith A Minister Is Born: John Humphrey Noyes When John Humphrey Noyes’s mother, Polly Hayes Noyes, took a deep breath after the travail of childbirth to see that her firstborn son was a “proper child”—that is, one apparently hearty enough

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Ron Darling: Game 7, 1986

Ron Darling Game 7

by Ron Darling with Daniel Paisner Game 7, 1986: Be careful what you wish for This book is not like other sports books. Certainly, it’s not like other books by former ballplayers. Athletes seem to want to write about the

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Charles Ponzi: What Makes a Con Artist?

Charles Ponzi; My Adventures with your moeny

by T.D. Thornton When you think of the history of con artists, what images come to mind? Perhaps it’s the dashing “sharpie in a fedora” stereotype that hearkens to the Roaring Twenties. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of financial ruin with

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Clinton’s America: The 1990s

The Age of Clinton

by Gil Troy Bill Clinton was ambitious, in the best sense of the word. He wanted to use the president’s bully pulpit to make history. He wanted to preserve traditional values with a liberal, open, pro-government but not big-government twist.

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NASL Soccer – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years of the Minnesota Kicks

NASL; Rock 'N' Roll Soccer; Minnesota Kicks

by Ian Plenderleith NASL Soccer Everyone knows that the New York Cosmos was the baddest, sexiest team in the old North American Soccer League, right? They had Pelé, Giorgio Chinaglia and Franz Beckenbauer. They were owned by Warner Communications, hung

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