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The Mission You’ve Never Heard Of: The Hours Before D-Day

Soldiers of D-Day

by Giles Milton Who was Denis Edwards? And why was he dropped behind enemy lines some six hours before the beach landings on D-Day? Turns out he was tasked with one of the most dangerous missions to take place on

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Blood Money—A Short History of Mercenaries in Modern Warfare

by J. R. Olson Mercenary. A noun with a lot of historical and literary baggage. defines the term as “a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army… a soldier of fortune”. I’ve always liked the term “hired

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D-Day: What Happened on the Eve of D-Day?

American troops approaching omaha beach on DDay

by Giles Milton Who was Howard Vander Beek? And what happened to him on the night before D-Day? Well, it turns out that his quick thinking saved the lives of no fewer than 21,000 men.

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D-Day: What Was Operation Tarbrush X?

Invasion of Normand

by Giles Milton General Eisenhower and the architects of D-Day knew that the Allied landings would only be successful if they had up-to-the-minute information about the German coastal defenses. They already had French spies working on their behalf—and we’ll get

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“A Declaration” that Changed the Course of History

by Rick Atkinson The fateful news traveled swiftly on the post road from Philadelphia, covering more than ninety miles and crossing five rivers in just a couple of days. Precise copies were then made of the thirteen-hundred-word broadside, titled “A

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