President Kennedy and the Berlin Wall

By Michael O’Brien

After [the]Vienna [Conference], events turned sour for Khrushchev. Instead of retreating, Kennedy held firm. The Soviets were spending a fortune subsidizing the collapsing East German economy. The GDR’s leader, Walter Ulbricht, had few options as refugees took … Read the article

Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

By Dr. Jürgen Neffe


Since 1934, Leo Szilard had been pondering the possibility of neutron chain reactions and the massive explosions that would result. While Einstein purportedly still doubted whether atomic bombs could be built at all, the press … Read the article

Atomic Letters: Einstein, Roosevelt, Sachs

Einstein signature

By Callie Oettinger









Letter of Albert Einstein to the Lieutenant Stephen Brunauer, U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance, 8/13/1943. Credit: Library of Congress.




CALLIE OETTINGER was Command Posts’ first managing … Read the article

World War I and Vatican Espionage

The Vatican

By Eric Frattini

Gavrilo Princip was a product of the years in which the winds of anarcho-syndicalism whipped through Europe. He was an overly idealistic Bosnian Serb student who dreamed of fighting great liberation battles. One day, in the streets … Read the article

How Much Did Stalin Know?

Truman and Stalin

By Micheal D. Gordin

On July 16, a day before Terminal began, scientists working for the Manhattan Project had detonated the world’s first atomic explosion in the desert outside Alamogordo, New Mexico: Operation Trinity. Atop a hundred- foot- tall tower, … Read the article