Preparing for D-Day

By John C. McManus

The Germans had four years to fortify their conquered northern Atlantic coast, but they had not, as of early 1944, put that time to good use. For three of those years the Western Front was, to … Read the article

Memorial Day Speeches, Proclamations, and Statements

By Callie Oettinger

Memorial Day Speeches, Proclamations and Statements reflect the changing course of history. A few quotes are listed below, under links to the full speech, proclamation or statement.

Memorial Day, 1914: President Woodrow Wilson

“We admire physical courage, … Read the article

The Flag and the Families

folded flag

By: Julia Spencer-Fleming

You see them in long-range photos on the evening news and old black-and white pictures in books about Vietnam. They are iconic; the woman in a black dress, her heels sinking into the dirt that always seems … Read the article