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Frederick Douglass: A Life and Times

Frederick Douglass

by James A. Colaiaco Frederick Douglass On Monday, July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass, the former slave, made his way to majestic Corinthian Hall, located in downtown Rochester, New York, near the Genesee River. He had been invited to deliver a

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Jeremiah Hamilton: Wall Street’s First Black Millionaire

Prince of Darness

by Shane White Jeremiah Hamilton: Prince of Darkness At a little after ten o’clock on Tuesday evening, July 14, 1863, the second day of the New York Draft Riots, a mob marched down East 29th Street chanting menacingly “68, 68,

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New York’s First Black Firefighters


By Ginger Adams Otis Black Firefighters It’s no secret that FDNY firefighters are among the best in the world, but here’s a little-known fact about New York’s Bravest: a black woman was among the city’s earliest black firefighters. Her name

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