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The Robber Barons of Yore: Who Was George Pullman?

modern train pullman building

by Jack Kelly The Pullman car is one of those things we’ve heard about, but we’re maybe not quite clear about what it was. In fact, it was a railroad car invented back in the 1860s, that allowed a passenger

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The Effects of Industrialization on American Democracy

image of children working in factories

by Jack Kelly We like to imagine that we live in the most innovative era in history. After all, we’ve experienced the digital revolution. We’ve seen the power of computers grow at warp speed. We can’t get enough of smartphones

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The Yawning Financial Gap of the Gilded Age

Railroad image

by Jack Kelly It was Mark Twain who coined the term Gilded Age. He made it the title of a satirical novel about corruption and excess after the Civil War. Later, the Gilded Age became a label for years from

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Who Was Father Charles Coughlin?

by Bradley W. Hart In November 1938, one of America’s most famous radio personalities took to the airwaves on a Sunday afternoon, as he had done for years. Unlike the talk shows of later years, this host would not be

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Who Was William Dudley Pelley and the Silver Legion?

william dudley pelley

by Bradley Hart In 1933, a former Hollywood screenwriter-turned-mystic named William Dudley Pelley made a startling public announcement. During a trance four years earlier, Pelley claimed, he had received some startling news from his spiritual contacts. The world was about

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