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American Rebels: The Education of Hancock and Adams

by Nina Sankovitch In the following excerpt from American Rebels, Nina Sankovitch discusses the education of John Hancock and John Adams from childhood schoolhouses and tutors to Harvard.

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It Wasn’t All About Taxes: Royal Tampering With the Colonial Courts and the American Rebellion

by Nina Sankovitch Taxes, duties, and the stationing of troops to enforce payment of both were all causes of the American rebellion against the British. But not the only causes.

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Amy Lowell: Making the World Safe for Poetry

Amy Lowell

by Nina Sankovitch In December 1917, Amy Lowell’s local newspaper, The Brookline Chronicle, ran a notice that caught her eye. U.S. Army training camps were in need of books for their libraries.  Amy called up Miss Louisa M. Hooper of the

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When the Lowell Women Broke the Boston Brahmin Rules

by Nina Sankovitch On a late winter’s evening in the year 1902, Amy Lowell took to the podium at a meeting of the Brookline school board to protest the reappointment of an aged and ineffective teacher.  The audience was shocked by

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