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Ewa Marine Corps Air Station Seconds Before The Pearl Harbor Attack

Michael E. Haskew Ewa Marine Corps Air Station Technical Sergeant Henry H. Anglin rose early on Sunday morning December 7, 1941, and a short time later he left his home in Pearl City, near Honolulu, for the drive to Ewa

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Captain Cook and the Discovery of Hawaii

Captive Paradise; Captain Cook

by James Haley Chapter 1: The Loneliness of a God – Captain Cook After rounding the southern tip of the island, Captain Cook’s ships headed north up the western side. About thirty miles on, a small bay opened up on

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Hawai’i: A History of Political Correctness


by James Haley Anyone who has been attuned to teaching history for any length of time (I started my first book forty years ago) has witnessed a remarkable evolution in attitudes toward what the story really is and how it

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