The History Behind the Mystery: The Devil’s Half Mile

Posted on June 11, 2018

by Paddy Hirsch

Journey back to New York City in the days in which our nation was a young country, still finding its way—before The Alienist, before Gangs of New York… where the Wall Street as we know it was today was dubbed THE DEVIL’S HALF MILE.

With a strong background in financial journalism, author Paddy Hirsch spins a gripping and suspenseful tale in the very real early days of our nation. A longtime economic journalist and producer Paddy Hirsch began researching the history of the stock market and beginnings of its regulation but ended up swept into the fascinating time period he discovered. Hirsch turned his research into a page-turning new novel of suspense. The Devil’s Half Mile brings together the actual historic settings and people of 1799 New York, including Alexander Hamilton, William Duer, and more—along with a twisty murder mystery. Watch the videos below for more of the history behind this mystery from the author himself.

Paddy Hirsch on “The Wild Days of Early Wall Street”

Paddy Hirsch on “Surprising New York History”

PADDY HIRSCH has worked in public radio at NPR and Marketplace as a journalist and producer for ten years. He came to journalism after serving for eight years as an officer in the British Royal Marines, and lives in Los Angeles. The author of a nonfiction book explaining economics, Man vs. Markets, The Devil’s Half Mile is his fiction debut. Visit him online at or follow him @paddyhirsch.

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