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VMF N-541: Night Fighter Squadron in the Philippines

Michael E. Haskew VMF N-541 Night Fighter Squadron During the spring and summer of 1944, the buildup for the long-awaited return of General Douglas MacArthur and the U.S. Army to the Philippines was proceeding at a rapid pace. Amid the

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Major General William Rupertus: The Marine Rifleman’s Creed

Michael E. Haskew Major General William Rupertus was a tough old school Marine. He grudgingly refused to relinquish the preeminence of his 1st Marine Division on Peleliu to the Army’s 81st Infantry Division. Commissioned into the Marine Corps in 1913,

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Little Dynamite: The 75mm Pack Howitzer

Michael E. Haskew Nicknamed “Little Dynamite”, the 75mm pack howitzer proved its worth with the 1st Battalion, 10th Artillery in support of the Marines on Tarawa. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Presley Rixey, the 75mm pack howitzer fired 2366

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Marine Corps Base Quantico: Starting Marine Amphibious Warfare

Marine Corps Base Quantico

Michael E. Haskew Marine Corps Base Quantico Perhaps the best known permanent facility operated by the United States Marine Corps is Marine Corps Base Quantico, located in northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. Established as Marine Barracks Quantico in the spring

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Marine Raiders: Evans Carlson’s Noble Experiment

Marine Raiders

Michael E. Haskew The 1st and 2nd Raider Battalions, U.S. Marine Corps, which fought so bravely under Lieutenant Colonel Merritt A. “Red Mike” Edson and Lieutenant Colonel Evans F. Carlson at Guadalcanal were the embodiment of a noble experiment that

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