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Dominus: New Excerpt

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Spanning 160 years and seven generations, teeming with some of ancient Rome’s most vivid figures, Steven Saylor’s novel Dominus brings to vivid life some of the most tumultuous and consequential chapters of human history, events which reverberate still. Read an … Read the article

legions of Rome

Legions of Rome: Where It All Began

Posted on September 30, 2012 2:59 pm Published by 2 Comments

By Stephen Dando-Collins

Down through the centuries, millions of men served with the army of imperial Rome; half a million during the reign of Augustus alone. The history of the legions is the collective story of those individuals, not just … Read the article

Military History in Empire

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By Steven Saylor

My previous novel Roma followed the fortunes of a single family through the first thousand years of the city’s existence, from its beginnings as an Iron Age trading post to its domination of the Mediterranean world and … Read the article