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by Stephen Puleo

Voyage of Mercy is the remarkable story of the mission that inspired a…

by Stephen Puleo

Ireland, 1846. Father Theobald Mathew implores assistant secretary at the British Treasury, Charles…

by Stephen Puleo

By Stephen Puleo Stephen Puleo, author of Voyage of Mercy, discusses the remarkable story of the…


The Centennial Fire


by Chris Wimmer

dd The first World’s Fair on American soil ran from May 10 to…

War and Reconciliation


by Tom Clavin

dd Douglas “Pete” Peterson was born in Omaha and raised in Nebraska and…

The Rise of the Weimar Republic


by Susan Ronald

dd In the following excerpt from Hitler's Aristocrats, author Susan Ronald discusses the…

Crary of the North…and South


by Tom Clavin

dd  It was on May 3, 1952, that a plane landed on the…

Meet the White House Plumbers


by Egil "Bud" Krogh and Matthew Krogh

dd by Laura Dail and Matthew Krogh HBO's new miniseries White House Plumbers imagines the story…

A Long Journey Home


by Tom Clavin

dd During my recent book tour promoting the release of Follow Me to…

The Windsors at War


by Alexander Larman

dd dd When I finished writing The Crown in Crisis, the book that…

Old Houses of the West


by Sandra Dallas

dd dd Novelist Sandra Dallas joins us to discuss the inspiration behind her…

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