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Life of a CIA Polygrapher: Ready Aim…. Part 1

Life of Lies and Spies;

by Alan Trabue Chapter 1: Ready Aim…. Part 1 The day was supposed to be a routine travel day between CIA offices, a simple one-hour flight from the international airport in a Southeast Asian capital city to another city up-country.

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The Evolution of CIA Polygraphy: 1972 to the Present

Christopher Boyce; CIA Polygraphy

by Alan B. Trabue Writing my memoir, A Life of Lies and Spies: Tales of a CIA Covert Ops Polygraph Interrogator, caused me to reflect on the scope of changes to the polygraph program I encountered during my forty-year CIA

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The Dulles Brothers and the Airport Bust

Stephen Kinzer John Dulles Portrait

by Stephen Kinzer Who cares what is written in a book about dead people? Biographers may be pardoned for asking us that question; however, I came to find that my own research into the lives of the Dulles brothers has had

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Goodbye OSS and Hello CIA: National Security Act of 1947

Truman Signing National Security Act

By Callie Oettinger July 26, 1947 the National Security Act was approved: To promote the national security by providing for a Secretary of Defense; for a National Military Establishment; for a Department of the Army, a Department of the Navy,

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