August 1945: Liberation of POWs in Images

Japanese Pow Camps

By Callie Oettinger


CALLIE OETTINGER was Command Posts’ first managing editor. Her interest in military history, policy, and fiction took root when she was a kid, traveling and living the life of an Army Brat, and continues today.… Read the article

Ho Chi Minh and Thomas Jefferson

By Susan Dunn

In September 1945, hundreds of thousands of people jammed the French-looking boulevards and streets of downtown Hanoi. They had traveled in oppressive heat from distant villages for the great day. Schools and offices were closed. Jubilant peasants … Read the article

President Clinton’s Foreign Policy

President Clinton Speech

By Sidney Blumenthal

President Clinton lost and then gained his footing in both domestic and foreign policy at roughly the same times. The tracks ran parallel. Just as he had hit a low point with the failure of health care … Read the article

VJ Day in Pictures

V-J Day

By Callie Oettinger

In the afternoon of August 14, 1945, in Japan—the evening of August 14 in the United States—Japan’s leadership agreed to the Allies’ terms of September.

CALLIE OETTINGER was Command Posts’ first managing editor. Her interest in military … Read the article

In Images: Berlin Wall at 50

Berlin Wall

By Callie Oettinger

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. This is the fifth of a series of posts about the Wall, events leading to its construction, world reactions to its existence—and decades later, its … Read the article

President Kennedy and the Berlin Wall

By Michael O’Brien

After [the]Vienna [Conference], events turned sour for Khrushchev. Instead of retreating, Kennedy held firm. The Soviets were spending a fortune subsidizing the collapsing East German economy. The GDR’s leader, Walter Ulbricht, had few options as refugees took … Read the article

Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

By Dr. Jürgen Neffe


Since 1934, Leo Szilard had been pondering the possibility of neutron chain reactions and the massive explosions that would result. While Einstein purportedly still doubted whether atomic bombs could be built at all, the press … Read the article