Military History in Empire

My previous novel Roma followed the fortunes of a single family through the first thousand years of the city’s existence, from its beginnings as an Iron Age trading post to its domination of the Mediterranean world and the civil wars … Read the article

John Eade: “I Am Going to Die Well”


By Jules Crittenden

There are people who have the ability to surprise you with the evidence, against long odds, that it is possible to retain a sense of wonder, some ideals and even wistful dreams, when cynicism, demons and nightmares … Read the article

Artillery in the Ia Drang Valley

Battle of laDrang Valley

By Robert Barker

The 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmoble) arrived in Qui Nhon, RVN on September 18, 1965, after thirty days on board the USNS Rose. The brigade combat units were 1st and 2nd Battalions, 7th Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Battalion, 21st Field Artillery … Read the article

Prejudice and the Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

By Dwight Jon Zimmerman and John D. Gresham

While heroism itself has always been class- and color-blind, the individuals responsible for officially honoring it have not always been as egalitarian. Racist attitudes and policies combined to deprive men from minorities … Read the article

Inside The War Room The Final Days

By GEN. Hugh Shelton

I’m often asked about my final days of office, between 9/11 and the start of operations in Afghanistan—the days that were consumed with post-911 planning for the war, along with preparations to turn over the controls … Read the article