Libya Since 1969

By Dirk Vandewalle

Libya’s Revolution in Perspective


The September 1, 1969 coup in Libya that brought Libya’s young military officers to power put an end to the Sanusi kingdom—at the time universally considered as anachronistic. But while the general expectation … Read the article

President Ronald Regan: Grenada and Beirut

By Callie Oettinger

October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber killed 241 Marines in Beirut.

Just a few days later, October 25, 1983, U.S. Force invaded Grenada.

October 27, 1983, President Reagan addressed the nation, about Grenada and Beirut:

“This past … Read the article

The NFL and the Medal of Honor


By Clint VanWinkle

Nearly 28,000 people braved the rain to watch the New York Giants play the Detroit Lions at N.Y. Polo Grounds on a miserable November day in 1941. The Giants, who had started the season a perfect 5–0, … Read the article

Easy Company Soldier

Easy Company Soldier-jacket

By Don Malarkey

Chapter 12



December 19, 1944–January 3, 1945

In some ways, my war ended in Bastogne. In some ways it began there. The first day was surprisingly quiet. Eerily quiet, … Read the article