World History

9 Picks for the History-Loving Dad

by The History Reader

As Father’s Day once again approaches, we’ve rounded up nine books sure to please any history-loving dad. Ranging from detailed accounts from the battlefields of WWII and the more recent history of the global war on … Read the article

How to Find a Lost City

by Edmund Richardson

So you want to find a lost city? Congratulations: you’ve joined an exclusive and perilous club. For hundreds of years, explorers, dreamers, scholars, and fantasists have fanned out across the world, in search of humanity’s lost cities. … Read the article

The Winter War

by Tom Clavin

Oops, Russia did it again. While that country’s historians might not be able to say so out loud, they must be appalled at the invasion of Ukraine and its thus-far unsuccessful outcome. Ignorance or defiance of history … Read the article

The City Beneath the Mountains

by Edmund Richardson

Beneath the plains of Afghanistan lie the remains of a fabulous city: Alexandria Beneath the Mountains, founded by Alexander the Great. For centuries, it was a meeting point of East and West. Then it vanished. In 1833, … Read the article

The Gunfighter and the Explorer

by Tom Clavin

151 years ago, a journey to Africa began that would garner international fame. In March, Henry Morton Stanley set out from Zanzibar to find a missing British explorer. The intrepid Stanley would always be remembered for this … Read the article

Unknown History: The Strangling of Berlin

We teamed up with the Unknown History podcast on Quick and Dirty Tips to bring you their latest series based on Giles Milton’s Checkmate in Berlin. Episode 9 discusses the Soviet siege of Berlin, which started with a series of rather smaller … Read the article