World History

Cuban Missle Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis note

By Alex Von Tunzelmann

On the morning of 20 October, the Joint Chiefs of Staff sent messages to American military commands worldwide, warning that tensions in Cuba—about which they were not specific—might call for military action soon. Trouble could break … Read the article

In Images: Berlin Wall at 50

Berlin Wall

By Callie Oettinger

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. This is the fifth of a series of posts about the Wall, events leading to its construction, world reactions to its existence—and decades later, its … Read the article

President Kennedy and the Berlin Wall

By Michael O’Brien

After [the]Vienna [Conference], events turned sour for Khrushchev. Instead of retreating, Kennedy held firm. The Soviets were spending a fortune subsidizing the collapsing East German economy. The GDR’s leader, Walter Ulbricht, had few options as refugees took … Read the article

June 25, 1950: Korean War Began Here

crossing 38th parallel

By Callie Oettinger

The War Began Here—June 25, 1950.













CALLIE OETTINGER was Command Posts’ first managing editor. Her interest in military history, policy and fiction took root when … Read the article

Korea: Post-WWII Partition

8th parallel

By Jongsoo James Lee
1392 The Founding of Choson Dynasty (1392–1910). 1910 Korea annexed by Japan. 1941 (December) Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. 1943 (November) At the Cairo Conference, the United States, Britain, and China declare future Korean independence “in due course”; at… Read the article

Libya Since 1969

By Dirk Vandewalle

Libya’s Revolution in Perspective


The September 1, 1969 coup in Libya that brought Libya’s young military officers to power put an end to the Sanusi kingdom—at the time universally considered as anachronistic. But while the general expectation … Read the article