World History

The Invasion of Okinawa

LSM's launching rockets 5 days before the invasion of Okinawa

By P. T. Deutermann

The invasion of Okinawa (April 1, 1945, to June 22nd, 1945,) turned out to be the last big naval battle of World War II. Yes, naval battle. For the U.S. Navy, it was more costly than … Read the article

The Lost Lives of the Romanov Sisters

Tsar and Anastasia smoking

By Helen Rappaport

What more is there possibly to know, you may ask, about the Romanov sisters—beyond the familiar image of four pretty girls in white dresses and big picture hats? It’s a perennial question, and one to which the … Read the article

Gideon’s Spies (Excerpt)

By Gordon Thomas

Check out Gordon Thomas’s bestselling Gideon’s Spies which draws from classified documents, confidential sources, and closed-door interviews with Mossad agents, informants, and spymasters to reveal the organization’s deepest secrets.

Revised and updated for 2012, this new edition … Read the article

Excerpt: Tudors

By Peter Ackroyd

1 Hallelujah

The land was flowing with milk and honey. On 21 April 1509 the old king, having grown ever more harsh and rapacious, died in his palace at Richmond on the south bank of the Thames. … Read the article

Excerpt: A History of Ancient Egypt

By John Romer

Beside the Pale Lake Living in the Faiyum,5000–4000 BC

It was wetter then than it is now. Though the monsoons were slowly failing, the plains were grass-green and scented with flowering shrubs whilst the valleys held exotic … Read the article