U. S. History

Leaving Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn battlefield

By John C. McManus

Back at the main column, General Terry and Colonel Gibbon watched as a lone horseman, Bradley’s runner (Private Henry Rice from H Company), rode across the river and up to them. Rice’s face was pale and flushed … Read the article

FDR’s Funeral Train

By Robert Klara

Late into the afternoon of Thursday, March 29, 1945, the warm, languid breezes blowing off the Tidal Basin carried with them the only promise that Washington, D.C., ever entirely keeps: a summer of voracious humidity. But spring still … Read the article

George Washington Voted Commander in Chief

George Washington Leading the Continental Army

By James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn

In March 1775, representatives from Virginia’s counties met to choose delegates to the Second Continental Congress, and once again they elected Washington, Peyton Randolph, Patrick Henry, and others. They also voted to prepare … Read the article

President Ronald Regan: Grenada and Beirut

By Callie Oettinger

October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber killed 241 Marines in Beirut.

Just a few days later, October 25, 1983, U.S. Force invaded Grenada.

October 27, 1983, President Reagan addressed the nation, about Grenada and Beirut:

“This past … Read the article