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Sidney Lumet: “Eating Ham for Uncle Sam”

by Maura Spiegel Acclaimed as the ultimate New York movie director, Sidney Lumet began his astonishing directing career with the now classic 12 Angry Men, followed by such landmark films as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, and Network. In this excerpt from the highly-entertaining biography,

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Labyrinth of Ice: Behind the Epic Story of the Greely Expedition

In celebration of his new book, Labyrinth of Ice, we talked with author Buddy Levy to learn a little bit more about his research, journey, and what attracted him to this project. The following Q&A is a candid conversation about

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Agent Jack: The True Story of MI5’s Secret Nazi Hunter

by Robert Hutton Get a sneak peek at Agent Jack, in which Robert Hutton brings to light the never-before-told story of Eric Roberts, who infiltrated a network of Nazi sympathizers in Great Britain in order to protect the country from

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The Naval “Nugget”

by P. T. Deutermann In his latest novel, The Nugget, author P. T. Deutermann—himself a former Navy commander—tells the tale of a novice naval aviator who grows into a hero in a gripping World War II adventure. Keep reading for

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D-Day: The Tale of Two Brothers

Juno Beach Landings, June 6, 1944

Who were Charles and Elliot Dalton?

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