Military History

Korea: Post-WWII Partition

8th parallel

By Jongsoo James Lee
1392 The Founding of Choson Dynasty (1392–1910). 1910 Korea annexed by Japan. 1941 (December) Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. 1943 (November) At the Cairo Conference, the United States, Britain, and China declare future Korean independence “in due course”; at… Read the article

June 14, 1775: Raising Today’s Army

Continental Army

By James L. Nelson

The Provincial Congress was worried. It was losing control of the army.

Joseph Warren had warned about this possibility when he first wrote to the Continental Congress urging them to take control of the armed forces … Read the article

Easy Company in France: After D-Day

By Don Malarkey

Easy Company After D-Day

Normandy, France, was beauty and the beast. The sprinkling of land unspoiled by war was the beauty. We, the soldiers, were the beasts. I’d see miles and miles of fields and orchards that, … Read the article

Preparing for D-Day

By John C. McManus

The Germans had four years to fortify their conquered northern Atlantic coast, but they had not, as of early 1944, put that time to good use. For three of those years the Western Front was, to … Read the article

Memorial Day Speeches, Proclamations, and Statements

By Callie Oettinger

Memorial Day Speeches, Proclamations and Statements reflect the changing course of history. A few quotes are listed below, under links to the full speech, proclamation or statement.

Memorial Day, 1914: President Woodrow Wilson

“We admire physical courage, … Read the article