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Ship of Death: A Terrifying and Implacable Enemy

by Catharine Arnold In the final part of her Ship of Death essay, Catharine Arnold wraps up the tragic tale of the USS Leviathan, a troopship that highlighted the devastating spread of the Spanish flu.

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The Rise of America’s Missile Defense System

By Daniel Wasserbly In The 300, military and security expert Daniel Wasserbly introduces the elite unit tasked with protecting the nation from long-range weapons of mass destruction. Read on for an excerpt.

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A Window into the Past

by Jane K. Cleland If you want to know about a society’s values, mores, and conventions, look to the decorative elements common during that era. Join Novelist Jane K. Cleland as she reflects on different objects from the past to

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Lessons from the AIDS Epidemic

by Jonathan D. Quick, MD, with Bronwyn Fryer The 2020 outbreak of coronavirus has terrified the world–and revealed how unprepared we are for the next outbreak of an infectious disease. In The End of Epidemics, Dr. Jonathan D. Quick examines

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Ship of Death: Rates on the Rise

by Catharine Arnold With the death toll rising from Spanish flu, burials at sea became more and more common on the USS Leviathan. Read on for more from Catharine Arnold, author of Pandemic 1918.

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