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A Brief Note about the Passing of Jeremiah Denton

By Alvin Townley “I used to be a Senator,” Jeremiah Denton explained when I first met him. “I’ll always be an admiral. I’ll always be an aviator.” Like so many other naval aviators, the brotherhood of combat and long deployments

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Portrait of a Ranger as a Young LRRP Warrior in Vietnam

LRRP Warrior in Vietnam

By Gary O’Neal and David Fisher There were no other units in Vietnam like the LRRPs. In fact, you probably had to go back to the American Revolution and the Civil War to find small units fighting a guerrilla war

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April 1, 1970: Fire Base Illingworth, Hell on Earth

By Phil Keith It was quiet, but it wouldn’t be for long. Lieutenant Colonel Mike Conrad, Commanding Officer of the 2/8, and the senior officer commanding at FSB Illingworth, knew the NVA were out there. His ground surveillance radar had

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Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

By Louis Menand “It was miserable,” Lin said when I first asked her about her year in Washington. “It was beyond miserable.” There is still indignation in her voice when she gets on the subject of the building of the

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How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare: Vietnam

Battle of IA Drang Valley

By Walter J. Boyne Establishment of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) The combined results of [testing] and the operations in Vietnam led to the establishment of the iconic 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), unit­ing the resources of the Second Infantry Division

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