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Long Binh Jail: US Military Prisons in the Vietnam War

Long Binh Jail

by Hannah Kohler Over the course of the Vietnam War, the US Army stockade at Long Binh or Long Binh Jail, nicknamed LBJ and the Marine Brig in Da Nang incarcerated thousands of US military personnel. To give an idea:

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FSB Illingworth Attack: Courage Against Staggering Odds

Firebase Illingworth

by Philip Keith Chapter 1: THE TRAP IS BAITED AT FSB ILLINGWORTH It was quiet, but it wouldn’t be for long. Lt. Col. Mike Conrad, commanding officer of the 2/8, and the senior officer commanding at FSB Illingworth, knew the

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Honoring America’s POW/MIA Wives


by Alvin Townley Jane Denton knew why the dark sedan had arrived that day in July of 1965. She knew why the navy captain rang her doorbell and why her stomach suddenly knotted: her husband, Jeremiah Denton, had been shot

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Reasons for the Cuban Missile Crisis

Herald Tribune 10-29-1962

by Patrick Sloyan One of my goals in writing The Politics of Deception: JFK’S Secret Decisions on Vietnam, Cuba and Civil Rights, is to rehabilitate Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. History recalls Khrushchev as a dangerous buffoon who underestimated President John F.

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Veterans Day: Remembering Those Who Served


by The History Reader Veterans Day is the day we honor and commemorate our brave service men and women who are fighting and have fought for America’s freedom and security since the early beginnings of our nation. To understand and

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