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Baron von Steuben: An Unknown Revolutionary War Hero

Baron von Steuben

by Tom Clavin Aside from George Washington himself, perhaps the most remarkable character in the story of Valley Forge is the Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Agustin von Steuben. In American history, he has gone down as a great Prussian general

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The Three Sons George Washington Never Had

Washington and Lafayette

by Tom Clavin A dramatic and poignant story within the story of Valley Forge is about George Washington and his surrogate sons. He did not have children of his own, and turning 46 and married to Martha Washington, he would

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George Washington’s Heroism at Valley Forge

Washington at Valley Forge

by Tom Clavin Some people think there was a Battle of Valley Forge. There could well have been, because 2,000 American soldiers died there. Or what we know about Valley Forge is an illustration we saw in middle-school Social Studies

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Three Reasons the British Should Have Won the Revolutionary War (and Three Reasons the Patriots Did Win)


By Jack Kelly George Washington called the American victory in the Revolutionary war “little short of a standing miracle.” In 1776, an overwhelming British army had defeated his poorly trained force, driven them out of New York City, and chased

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