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Back Over There: Remembering the Last Survivors of WWI

Back Over There

Richard Rubin Heads Back Over There In The Last of the Doughboys, Richard Rubin introduced readers to a forgotten generation of Americans: the men and women who fought and won the First World War. Interviewing the war’s last survivors face-to-face,

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Barack Obama’s Inauguration and his Legacy

Barack Obama's inauguration

by Michael D’Antonio On the day before he became president of the United States, Barack Obama put on faded jeans and went to the Sasha Bruce House, a shelter for runaway youth on Capitol Hill, where he used a roller

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The Battle of Khe Sanh, January 21 – April 8, 1968

Khe Sanh

Editor: Michael Spilling and Consultant Editor: Chris McNab Khe Sanh combat base, built on a hilltop located 10 km from the Laotian border, was the westernmost in a line of Allied defenses south of the DMZ designed to prevent communist

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The Battle of Hue, January 30 – March 3, 1969

Editor: Michael Spilling and Consultant Editor: Chris McNab As part of the Tet Offensive of 1968, the VC and North Vietnamese dedicated two regiments to the seizure of the imperial capital of Hue. On the morning of 31 January 1968,

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Joseph LaFlesche: The Last Chief of the Omaha

Joseph LaFlesche

by Joe Starita Born about 1818 in northeast Nebraska, the son of a French fur trader and an Indian mother, Joseph LaFlesche grew up among a new subgroup of mixed-blood children—children who emerged from the bustling trading post culture clustered

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