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Wild Bill: Baseball “Player”

by Tom Clavin With Major League Baseball emerging from its winter slumber, fans tend to acknowledge what anniversaries the new season brings us. The 2019 season is the centennial of the infamous Black Sox scandal, when gangsters fixed the outcome

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The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington

by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch In 1776, an elite group of soldiers were handpicked to serve as George Washington’s bodyguards. Washington trusted them; relied on them. But unbeknownst to Washington, some of them were part of a treasonous plan. In the

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The Battle for Blair Mountain

by Jess Montgomery “Well. At least we weren’t coal miners.” I heard that many a time, at family reunions or other gatherings, as I grew up. On the surface, it sounds, well. snooty. Or worse—condescending.

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Christmas in 1920s America

by Maia Chance In 1921, Frances Lester Warner described a Christmas Eve scene in Boston with “red and white crystal” in shop windows, “lights gleaming on the slippery cross-streets, throngs of last-minute shoppers” and “bright posters still cheerfully advising us

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America’s First Native American Doctor

by Joe Starita On March 14, 1889, Susan La Flesche Picotte received her medical degree—becoming the first Native American doctor in U.S. history. She earned her degree thirty-one years before women could vote and thirty-five years before Indians could become

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