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Takeo Yoshikawa: The Japanese Spy at Pearl Harbor

Takeo Yoshikawa

by Nicholas Best When the task force slipped out of port on December 5, 1941, a man calling himself Tadashi Morimura watched from a few hundred yards away to the north. He was careful not to write anything down, but

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Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 24 – 26, 1944

Leyte Gulf

Editor: Michael Spilling and Consultant Editor: Chris McNab In terms of tonnage of warships deployed, the battle of Leyte Gulf is the largest naval battle ever fought. Incredibly engaging 282 vessels as well as 180,000 sailors and pilots. The Imperial

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Lusitania: Triumph and Tragedy


by Greg King and Penny Wilson Lusitania Prologue Saturday, May 1, 1915 A rainy twilight fell over New York City on April 30, 1915. Spring was late that year: indeed, an unexpected blizzard had nearly paralyzed the city three weeks

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The SS Californian: Avoiding Titanic Icebergs

SS Califonian

by David Dyer Excerpt taken from The Midnight Watch: A Novel of the Titanic and the SS Californian Stone walked back to the SS Californian’s rail and looked again towards the south. The three icebergs had drifted astern but he could

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USS Samuel B. Roberts: Bravery and Sacrifice

USS Samuel B. Roberts

by John Wukovits Chapter 1: “YOU ARE NOW A MEMBER OF A GREAT FIGHTING TEAM” The USS Samuel B. Roberts Rarely has a hotel hospitality room held such a collection of unassuming sea warriors as the one that gathered in

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