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November 4, 1979: The Iran Hostage Crisis

By Ray Takeyh During August 2005, American newspapers and television screens were unexpectedly filled with images of 1979. The scene of the U.S. embassy in Iran being taken over by radical students, effigies of Uncle Sam being burned, and angry

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President Carter on the Iran Hostage Crisis and Attempted Rescue

Jimmy Carter Iran Hostage Crisis

By Brian Michael Till What’s the single decision you made as president that you most regret? I would say the hostage rescue effort in Iran in April of 1980. It was a perfectly planned, highly secret, somewhat complex procedure that

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October 23, 1983: The Marines in Beirut

Beirut Bombing 1983

By Thomas L. Friedman Funny country, Lebanon. The minute one army packed up and rushed out, another one swaggered in and took its place. There always seemed to be someone knocking on the door to get in—and someone inside dying

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