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Paris Abandoned: The Realities of Armistice During World War II

by Anne Sebba Slowly, the terms of the armistice began to sink in. The French had to pay for the 300,000-strong German Army of Occupation, amounting to twenty million Reichsmarks per day, paid at the artificial exchange rate. This was

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Who really were the Mitford sisters?

Mitford Sisters

by Laura Thompson Take six girls, all of them rampant individualists, and let them loose upon one of the most politically explosive periods in history. This is the story of the Mitford sisters. It is like a social experiment, the

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Unity Mitford: When Hitler Took Cocaine

When Hitler Took Cocaine, The History Reader

by Giles Milton In the summer of 2012, a cache of extraordinary medical documents came to light in America. They included the records of Dr Theodor Morell, personal physician to Adolf Hitler, and notes written by four other doctors who

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Hildebrand Gurlitt and the Nazis Looting of Europe’s Treasures

Hitler's Art Thief - Hildebrand Gurlitt

by Susan Ronald Hildebrand Gurlitt When I stepped into a large, Swiss bank vault in 1998 in my previous life as an investment banker, I had no idea that I would see a tiny portion of one of the greatest

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The Pope’s Last Crusade: How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI’s Campaign to Stop Hitler

Pope Pius XI

By Peter Eisner Castel Gandolfo, June 23, 1938 Two days after the Eucharistic Congress, the pope cel­ebrated his eighty-first birthday. He had recovered so well from his illness a year and a half earlier that the Vatican doctors had suspended

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