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Railroads, the Chicago World’s Fair, and George Pullman

by Jack Kelly The year 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental rail line. The explosive growth of railroads had, by the 1890s, created the world’s greatest transportation system and made American railroad corporations the

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The Edge of Anarchy Part Five: The Pullman Strike

political cartoon of the pullman strike

The Pullman Strike was the greatest uprising of working people in American history. If you haven’t listened to parts one through four of this special mini-series inspired by my book The Edge of Anarchy, I encourage you to do so. It

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The History of the Rise of Labor Unions in America

political cartoon of the laboring man at pullman

by Jack Kelly In 1979, a young Vermont politician named Bernie Sanders made a short documentary film about Eugene Debs. He noted Debs’s accomplishments, he lamented the fact that Debs was largely a forgotten figure in history, and he reproduced

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The Robber Barons of Yore: Who Was George Pullman?

modern train pullman building

by Jack Kelly The Pullman car is one of those things we’ve heard about, but we’re maybe not quite clear about what it was. In fact, it was a railroad car invented back in the 1860s, that allowed a passenger

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