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FDR and Al Smith: An Unlikely Political Alliance

by Terry Golway Like many state senators in the spring of 1912, Franklin Roosevelt was a busy man. The Triangle fire and the work of the Factory Investigating Commission had transformed the debates in Albany and inspired legislation and regulations

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Obama and FDR: A Faulty Comparison

Time_Obama New Deal

by Aaron David Miller With only 43 different presidents, (44 to account for Grover Cleveland’s two non-consecutive terms), there’s a natural tendency to compare and contrast our chief executives. The presidential rating game is alternately fun, silly and even potentially

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Atomic Letters: Einstein, Roosevelt, Sachs

Einstein signature

By Callie Oettinger                 Letter of Albert Einstein to the Lieutenant Stephen Brunauer, U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance, 8/13/1943. Credit: Library of Congress.       CALLIE OETTINGER was Command Posts’ first managing

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FDR’s Funeral Train

By Robert Klara Late into the afternoon of Thursday, March 29, 1945, the warm, languid breezes blowing off the Tidal Basin carried with them the only promise that Washington, D.C., ever entirely keeps: a summer of voracious humidity. But spring still

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