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Understanding the Language of War: Tony Blair and Winston Churchill

Tony Blair

by Mark Thompson It’s May 13, 1940. Winston Churchill has been prime minister of the United Kingdom for three days. This is his first speech to the House of Commons as the nation’s leader. It is also day four of

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Thomas Farriner: The Man Who Started Great Fire of London

Thomas Farriner

by Rebecca Rideal As the sun set on another hot day, an easterly wind danced through the capital, weaving its way westward. From Islington, Samuel Pepys and his wife journeyed home after watching a new puppet show on Moorfields before

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The Pickwick Papers: Death and Mr Pickwick


by Stephen Jarvis Six months ago, if you had asked me about my novel Death and Mr Pickwick, I would probably have said: It is about the dawning of the age of global celebrity and its main characters are Charles

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Princess Louise: A Biography

Princess Louise

by Lucinda Hawksley The Locock Family Secret – Princess Louise It was while looking into the rumors concerning Princess Louise’s illegitimate baby that I came into contact with the Locock family. I  read newspaper accounts of  two court cases, in

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Dickensian London: Everyday Life in the Victorian City

John Augustus Atkinson; Dickensian London

by Judith Flanders Chapter 1: Easy to Rise – Coffee in Covent Garden Market It is 2.30 in the morning. It is still night, but it is also ‘tomorrow’. By this hour at Covent Garden market, in the center of

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