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The Mission You’ve Never Heard Of: The Hours Before D-Day

Soldiers of D-Day

by Giles Milton Who was Denis Edwards? And why was he dropped behind enemy lines some six hours before the beach landings on D-Day? Turns out he was tasked with one of the most dangerous missions to take place on

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Normandy Landings, June 6, 1944

Normandy Landings

Editor: Michael Spilling and Consultant Editor: Chris McNab The initial British–Canadian–American Normandy landings (Operation Neptune, the first stage of Operation Overlord), aimed “to secure a lodgement on the continent from which further offensive operations can be developed”. Many preconditions had

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The Heart Healers: Saving Men at the D-Day Beach Landings

Heart Healers ; D-D Landings

by James S. Forrester, M.D. Chapter 2 – “What Man Meant for Evil, God Meant for Good” In June 1944 at the D-Day beach landings, Dwight Harken was brought a dying soldier with a gaping injury to his sternum and

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D-Day in Images: 1944 to Today

By Callie Oettinger                                                                          

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Preparing for D-Day

By John C. McManus The Germans had four years to fortify their conquered northern Atlantic coast, but they had not, as of early 1944, put that time to good use. For three of those years the Western Front was, to

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