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Understanding the Language of War: Tony Blair and Winston Churchill

Tony Blair

by Mark Thompson It’s May 13, 1940. Winston Churchill has been prime minister of the United Kingdom for three days. This is his first speech to the House of Commons as the nation’s leader. It is also day four of

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The Lewis Chessmen: Brexit and a New North Sea Style

by Nancy Marie Brown Look at a map and remember the key position this area enjoyed from the 8th to the 13th centuries. From the beginning of the Viking Age in 793, the sea road connected these places we think

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Thomas Farriner: The Man Who Started Great Fire of London

Thomas Farriner

by Rebecca Rideal As the sun set on another hot day, an easterly wind danced through the capital, weaving its way westward. From Islington, Samuel Pepys and his wife journeyed home after watching a new puppet show on Moorfields before

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The Longest Kill: Sniper Maverick 41

The Longest Kill

by Craig Harrison The Longest Kill In the sniper world, we constantly move after firing. A sniper will fire one to two shots, possibly three, from one position, before having to move. If you stay still, you will be identified—and

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Captain Cook and the Discovery of Hawaii

Captive Paradise; Captain Cook

by James Haley Chapter 1: The Loneliness of a God – Captain Cook After rounding the southern tip of the island, Captain Cook’s ships headed north up the western side. About thirty miles on, a small bay opened up on

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