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Battle of Trenton, 26 December 1776

Battle of Trenton

Editor: Michael Spilling and Consultant Editor: Chris McNab American Battles and Campaigns – The Battle of Trenton, 26 December 1776 A characteristic of Washington’s generalship was that he always left his army opportunities either to withdraw or attack. Winter’s onset

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Paul Revere: Revolutionary Dissent

Paul Revere

by Stephen Solomon Paul Revere: The Silver Smith When John Singleton Copley painted a portrait of Paul Revere in 1768, he depicted an idealized image of one of Boston’s leading artisans. Revere, then in his mid-thirties, sits behind a polished

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Five Amazing Women of the Revolutionary War

by Jack Kelly Margaret Corbin Born on the Pennsylvania frontier, Margaret Cochran was orphaned when her parents were killed during the French and Indian war. The five-year-old was taken in by relatives and knew the pangs of poverty. She married

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Three Reasons the British Should Have Won the Revolutionary War (and Three Reasons the Patriots Did Win)


By Jack Kelly George Washington called the American victory in the Revolutionary war “little short of a standing miracle.” In 1776, an overwhelming British army had defeated his poorly trained force, driven them out of New York City, and chased

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