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Coach Chuck Klausing: Football in the Shadow of Paul Brown

Striking Gridiron

by Greg Nichols Chapter 1: In the Shadow of Paul Brown From a distance, the corrugated overhang outside the hotel lobby looked like the folds of a paper fan, or like the charted performance of a volatile stock. On the

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First Baseball Strike in History: Carlton Fisk and the 1972 Red Sox


by Doug Wilson The First Baseball Strike in History April 1, 1972 baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association played the cruelest April Fool’s Day joke of all on fans. Only it wasn’t a joke. They stopped the

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NASL Soccer – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years of the Minnesota Kicks

NASL; Rock 'N' Roll Soccer; Minnesota Kicks

by Ian Plenderleith NASL Soccer Everyone knows that the New York Cosmos was the baddest, sexiest team in the old North American Soccer League, right? They had Pelé, Giorgio Chinaglia and Franz Beckenbauer. They were owned by Warner Communications, hung

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Mark Kram: “Lawdy Lawdy He’s Great”

Great Men Die Twice - Mark Kram Lawdy Lawdy

by Mark Kram “Lawdy Lawdy He’s Great” – (Ali Frazier III) Sports Illustrated Oct 13, 1975 Across the ring Joe Frazier was wearing trunks that seemed to have been cut from a farmer’s overalls. He was darkly tense, bobbing up

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Split Season: Baseball’s Epic Strike of 1981

Baseball Strike 1981 - Jeff Katz

by Jeff Katz Those who think Major League Baseball is simply about the play on the field are too romantic and those who think it’s only about the business off the field are too cynical. The truth is somewhere in

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